/6 Best BitTorrent Alternatives of 2020
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6 Best BitTorrent Alternatives of 2020

BitTorrent and uTorrent were one of the first options for transmission, exchange, and download of data used by millions of users. Well, the speed at which it rose in the heart of users, with double the rate its users saw a dropdown. The apparent reason for the same is the increase in the advertisements and the adware in the app.

No one wanted to bear with the interference in their entertainment. So, the users were left with only one option, that is to search for an effective alternative. Well, now there is no one, but multiple alternatives of BitTorrent with better features.

Top Applications That Are The Best Alternatives of BitTorrent:

Some of the standard applications that are less famous, but are a few of the best alternatives of BitTorrent, are described below in brief.



Vuze and Vuze Leap are the two different variations developed by the common developer. Vuze is a highly advanced application with updated features. It includes filters, plugin support, operations with the help of remote control, and also the file transcoding.

The user interface of the application is a bit complicated compared to BitTorrent. So, it shall be used by the intermediate or advanced level users. Newbies can find it complicated to use.

One of the unique features in Vuze HD is the synchronisation of the screen on the hand gadgets, handhelds, and various kinds of handsets.

The best part is that Vuze and Vuze Leap, both are compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OSx 10.5. So, you can enjoy it on either type of operating system.



One of the highest used BitTorrent alternatives is Deluge. It closely resembles uTorrent and BitTorrent Inc. The most useful and exciting thing about the site is that it is open-source, and supported on the cross platforms.

There is no spyware taking a sneak peek in your system while using Deluge. It is one of the highly secure sites with minimum or no advertisements. Also, the speed of the website is quite high.

You do not require much space to use Deluge, as it is lightweight and has advanced features too.

The users of Deluge can enjoy BitTorrent encryption, magnet URLs, peer exchange, RSS, UPnP, Bandwidth scheduling, and a lot more.



It is one of the apps that are highly popular amongst users in place of BitTorrent. It is an open-source platform that is available and accessible. One can find most of their desired content in the search, and download it for free.

You can use Tribler without any need for visiting the Torrent websites. The users like it due to an amazing file sharing convenient feature. You can share the videos, images, audio files, and other bulky data with ease.

The channel uses all the anti-spam features to allow the sharing of the files, and thus it is entirely safe for the use. There is an additional feature of Tor Like Onion Routing Network for torrent downloading. This feature is not provided by most of the torrent platforms. Well, the updates are still made regularly to avoid some of the existing bugs in the app.



 One of the yet another BitTorrent alternatives with a robust P2P system is Tixati. Tixati is an n-source, and a free to use platform. You will not face problems like spyware, and others that you find in BitTorrent. You do not have to face any advertisements and unwanted interruptions when you use Tixati.

The platform is compatible with multiple operating systems like Unix, Linux, and the Windows. The speed and efficiency of the platform is greatly appreciable. You can download huge files within no time. To ensure the added security on the platform, you can come across some of the advanced features like Peer connectivity.



LimeWire is one of the best tools for peer to peer connectivity and the sharing of the files. It is one of the fastest platforms to search, buffer, and download your choice of multimedia files. You would not have to face any problems in downloading high end files because of the fastest speed offered by the platform.

Moreover, it is frequently updated by the developer for even the rarest of the bug fixes. It is recommended and loved by most of the users who look forward to the alternatives of BitTorrent. Well, it is compatible with Windows 7 and higher versions.



eMule is gaining popularity with pace amongst BitTorrent users. The platform offers great option for peer to peer connectivity with all the essential features.

You can search the network for movies, music, and all other multimedia files as well as download it within minimum duration. For exchange of files, both the devices must have eMule. It is an open source software so you will not suffer any inconvenience while downloading.

Wrapping Up

If you are not satisfied and find the ad interruptions irritating while using BitTorrent, you can go with any of the alternatives specified above. The choices are given keeping in mind the use of tools by the maximum number of users, and their above average reviews or responses.